Group Recommends Ending One Airport Committee

Today, the Boards and Commissions Review Committee, established as part of the over 1200-page long state reorganization bill approved by lawmakers, released its initial recommendations.

The group is recommending the elimination,reorganization, consolidation or continuation of 259
boards, commission and committees.

Included in their recommendation is the elimination of the Commercial Air Service Retention and Expansion Committee, which was approved by lawmakers in 2014.

The Review Committee is scheduled to meet on September 6, starting at 12 noon to receive public
input on the initial recommendations.

They are also receiving public comment via email at: [email protected].

The Committee is to submit a report containing its final findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by September 30, 2023.

The full list of recommendation can be viewed at:

The members of the committee, appointed by Governor Reynolds are:

  • Jacob Nicholson - Chief Operating Officer of the Iowa Governor’s Office
  • Nate Ristow - Administrative Rules Coordinator
  • Kraig Paulsen - Director of the Department of Management
  • Larry Johnson - Director of the Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing
  • David Faith - Deputy Attorney General at the Office of the Attorney General of Iowa
  • Barbara Sloniker - Public member appointed by theGovernor
  • Sen. Jason Schultz (ex officio, non-voting member)
  • Rep. Jane Bloomingdale (ex officio, non-voting member)
  • Sen. Janice Weiner (ex officio, non-voting member)
  • Rep. Adam Zabner (ex officio, non-voting member)
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