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Every airport association may say membership has benefits, but the Iowa Public Airports Association delivers on that promise. We are an engaged aviation network of Iowa Nice airport executives and associates. We believe strongly in the value of public-use airports and in the

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Networking

Advocacy with a Vision and an Action Plan

Perhaps you joined an airport association elsewhere and were unimpressed. The Iowa Public Airports Association isn’t just another organization for listing on a resume. We’re experienced in airport management and believe in hard work, strategic vision and getting things done. Join this thriving aviation network and be a part of real work advancing airports in Iowa.

Levels of Membership

  • Commercial Service Airports — $500
  • Enhanced Service Airports — $200
  • General Service Airports — $200
  • Basic Service Airports — $125
  • Local Service Airports — $125
  • Associate Members — $400 

Engaged Aviation Membership

IPAA holds one general membership meeting each year in conjunction with our annual spring conference. Member airports are each entitled to a vote in association business.

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Membership in IPAA is open to all public use airports in Iowa, including the privately owned and airports operated by aviation authorities, commissions, governmental agencies or boards. All are welcome in IPAA, from members with longtime experience in airport management to those building their aviation careers.


  • Commercial Service Airports
  • Enhanced Service Airports
  • General Service Airports
  • Basic Service Airports
  • Local Service Airports
  • Associate Members

Help Us Promote the Value of Iowa’s Aviation System

We know you’re busy with airport management, but the Iowa Public Airports Association is one aviation membership in which you’ll find value. We’re on a mission to promote Iowa airports, and we want you to be a part of it. Join us today.

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IPAA Membership Application

Set the Pace with This Aviation Membership

Member airports are each entitled to a vote in association business. Associate memberships are not voting members.